COVID-19 Resources for PPE

PAA continues to navigate new information relating to the COVID-19 information and updates, we have set up a resource page to assist our members with the places and websites to fin PPE. Please see the suggested links below.

Pennsylvania Rolls out Directory for Businesses to Find Vital Supplies to Address Outbreak

PAA Member Websites to Order PPE

Desk Sneeze Screens


  • Spike's
    • Pack Size: Masks are sold exclusively in packs of 120. The unit as set up in the system is a pack – so from an order entry point of view, 1 unit = 1 pack of 120 masks.
    • Cost: Price is $180 per pack/$1.50 per mask.
    • Fabric: Bella+Canvas CVC jersey knit fabric masks, style #ST323. Washable and reusable. NOTE: NOT meant for surgical settings.
    • Pricing: We do not plan to discount on volume quotes. We believe our price is aligned with any direct quotes that may be issued from today forward. If you encounter competitive or direct pricing that is lower please bring info to me. Anything over 24K pcs, will qualify for special pricing.
    • Freight: Free freight DOES NOT apply. For the purpose of helping estimate freight expense, standard mill case is 20 packs of 120 masks – 2,400 total masks. Approximate case weight is 28 lbs. FOB Reno. Please inform us if expedited shipping is required. Allow 5-10 days for receipt of order.
    • Payment: Pre-payment required. Credit cards accepted.
  • Penn Live
  • The Morning Call
  • Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
  • Android Central


Hand Sanitizer


Cleaning Services

Other resources