Philadelphia Lead Law

As the new lead law went into effect on October 1st, PAA members shared with PAA that they were having several issues with how the Health Department was enforcing the law. One particular concern was how the Health Department was enforcing testing for lead-free buildings. The Health Department was stating that every unit in a lead-free property must be tested. However, HUD Guidelines provide a template that does not require every unit to be tested and remediated. The lead law passed by City Council also states that property owners can follow HUD Guidelines. After discussion with the Health Department and select members of City Council, it has been confirmed that property owners can follow HUD Guidelines regarding the testing of a lead-free building—you do not have to necessarily test every unit in a lead free property.

Please view the portion of Chapter 7 HUD Guidelines for additional information. PAA would like to thank our members for indicating this implementation problem, and we would especially like to thank Bay Hill Environmental, Lindy Communities, and University City Housing for their particularly active engagement with this issue. 

For any questions involving the lead law, please contact Leah Sailhamer at