PAA CEC Roadmap

What is a CEC?

A CEC is one hour of continuing education with meals and breaks excluded. All CECs required for the renewal period must be earned the previous year. CECs submitted for your credential renewal may date back no more than 12-months before your credential renewal date. Continuing education credits are needed for all NAAEI credentials that require annual renewal and are required to maintain AIME Membership. This includes CAM, NALP, CAPS, CAS and AIME.

How Many CECs do I Need?

  • Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) - 8 CECs annually
  • Certified Apartment Leasing Professional (CALP) - 3 CECs annually
  • Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor (CAPS) - 8 CECs annually
  • Certified Apartment Supervisor (CAS) - 3 CECs annually
  • Apartment Industry Maintenance Excellence (AIME) - 3 CECs annually
  • Certified Apartment Maintenance Technician (CAMT) – 0 CECs annually

​***Individuals who hold multiple NAAEI credentials may use the same CECs for renewal of all credentials and AIME. For example, if you have a CAM and NALP credential, you will owe 6 CECs annually.

2021 CEC Requirements

  • CAM and CAPS- 6 CECs with at least 3 CECs from In-Network Sources
  • CALP (Previously NALP), CAS, and AIME – 3 CECs with at least 2 CEC from In-Network Sources ​

2022 CEC Requirement

  • CAM and CAPS- 8 CECs with at least 5 CECs from In-Network Sources
  • CALP, CAS, and AIME – 5 CECs with at least 3 CEC from In-Network Sources