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Humanity in the Workspace - Why, Where, When, How? PAAWW#22

Humanity in the Workspace - Why, Where, When, How? PAAWW#22

Wednesday, November 8, 2023
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EST)

Event Details

PAA Webinar Wednesdays-supported by Multifamily Insiders-is the largest weekly premium webinar series in the multifamily industry, helping you gain the skills to improve your performance and advance in your career! Through this program, you get access to innovative ideas, best practices, and emerging trends from a variety of topics, including customer service, leasing and marketing, resident retention, career advancement, leadership techniques, and other property management skills to become a superstar at your company and/or in your profession!

Struggle, stress, anxiousness, burn out, frustration, tired - all terms we are hearing more and more in the workspace. This is causing us to not only lose quality workers, but is making those who stay less effective, less engaged and less mentally healthy to handle the struggles of their jobs in multifamily. In this session we will talk about humanity, humility, and how we can work together to create a more mentally effective work space for our team members, our industry and our professionals.

  • Define Humanity
    Introduce the concept of embracing this in our cultures, work spaces, and professional experiences.
  • Delivering Clear Messages
    Share with current and prospective recruits and employees how to your culture embraces humanity.
  • Discover How to Train Your Teams
    Teach them how to embrace humanity and tools to enhance the workspace in that manner.
  • Break Down the Barriers
    Remove the stigma related to humanity and 'touchie-feelie' workspaces and management.

About Stephanie Graves

For over 20 years, Stephanie Graves has been sharing her talent with the multifamily industry. She tackles property marketing and operations while offering a wide spectrum of insight into multifamily world. She has spear headed training and employee development programs that have increased operational efficiencies for property management companies nationwide. Stephanie has a BA in Communications and is a frequent presenter for NAA, holds the CAPS, CAM and IROP designations and is a recognized NAA Education Faculty member. She is also the proud mother of a youngster, ‘smilin’ Rilynn, that you may recognize from her MF Insider blogs.

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