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Wednesday, March 23, 2022
10:00 AM - 4:00 PM (EDT)

Event Details

Congratulations to the winners of Maintenance Mania:

1st Place:

Zach Hood-1:36:948

Berger Rental Communities 

2nd Place:

Sean Polak-1:39:785

Berger Rental Communities

3rd Place:

Kevin Leonard: 1:40:377

Berger Rental Communities

Congratulations to all of 2022 Maintenance Mania Winners!

Race Winners:

1st Place:

Stan Linta-RP Management-4.54

2nd Place:

Michael Banks-RP Management-4.561

3rd Place:

Zach Hood-Berger Rental Commununities-4.568

Key Control Winners:

1st Place:

Zach Hood-Berger Rental Communities-13.643

2nd Place:

Sean Polak-Berger Rental Communities-15.815

3rd Place:

William Kuhn-Burkentine Property Management-16.729

Fire | CO2 Safety:

1st Place:

Sean Polak-Berger Rental Communities-8.197

2nd Place:

Ernie Cribari-Morgan Properties-8.796

3rd Place:

Zach Hood-Berger Rental Communities-8.981


1st Place:

Kevin Leonard-Berger Rental Communities-7.798

2nd Place:

Zach Hood-Berger Rental Communities-8.167

3rd Place:

Nickolas Winters-RP Management-8.793

Faucet Installation:

1st Place:

Ishmeal Riviera-RP Management-22.438

2nd Place:

Julius Jackson-RP Management-25.582

3rd Place:

Joe Fisher-RP Management-31.146

Water Heater:

1st Place:

Zach Hood-Berger Rental Communities-9.533

2nd Place:

Jeremy Santiago-Berger Rental Communities-11.324

3rd Place:

Sean Polak-Berger Rental Communities-11.489

Plank Installation:

1st Place:

Ernie Cribari-Morgan Properties-10.282

2nd Place:

Kevin Leonard-Berger Rental Communities-11.418

3rd Place:

Jeremy Sanitago-Berger Rental Communities-13.278


Maintenance Mania® is a national program offered by the NAA and presenting sponsor HD Supply, where maintenance service technicians compete against each other in various skill-based games.  The competitors compete individually based upon speed and fulfilling the game challenge.  If the score is one of the highest across the other apartment association affiliate scores, the National Apartment Association will fly all individuals with the best time to compete Nationally at the Apartmentalized event where the NAA will host the National competition!

To compete at the National level, affiliate chapters host locally Maintenance Mania®.  The best time scores for Maintenance Mania® across the country can compete on a National level at NAA’s Apartmentalized in San Diego, California June 22-24th. 

Hotel Accommodations can be made at: 

Staybridge Suites Harrisburg/Hershey
920 Wildwood Park Drive Harrisburg, PA 17110



Maintenance Mania Day Schedule:

10AM-11AM-Judges Check-in and Table Game Instructions

11AM-12PM-Contestant Registration, Car Evaluation and Contestant Practice

11:30AM-12:30PM-Lunch for Contestants and Judges (ONLY)

*A select number of box lunches will be available for purchase at $10 per lunch for event spectators if you are arriving early.

1:00PM-4:00PM-Spectators Welcome and Games Begin, including the Race Car Event

4PM-4:30PM-Award Presentation and Cash Prize Distribution

7 Challenges Await You:  
  • AO Smith Water Heater Installation
  • Pfister TopPfit Faucet Installation
  • Frigidaire Icemaker Installation
  • Kidde Fire & Carbon Monoxide Safety Installation
  • Kwikset Key Control Deadbolt Test
  • Halstead Click Lock Plank Installation
  • The Home Depot® Pro Xtra™ Race Car Competition

New for 2022 Maintenance Mania!
  • New qualification process AND NEW 'Rookie' category!
  • Learn more about participating in the program CLICK HERE


If you are a competitor you are required to have these two forms completed with you on the competition day.  A confirmation email will be sent to you at the time of registration with direct links to complete the two forms.  Please make sure these forms are completed in detail.

Maintenance Mania Competitor Registration Form

Maintenance Mania Competitor COVID Liability Form

NAA Training Videos for Competition Day:

Review All Competitor Training Videos

*Using the arrows on the right side of the main video you can go from video to video to see all of the game trainings.


Prize Money Sponsorship - $3,000

This is an exclusive Maintenance Mania Sponsorship with only one available. Competitors will receive a cash prize for their efforts the day of the event. As a sponsor, you will be announced as the prize sponsor at the award ceremony. You will present the prize money to the winners at the end of the event. Four Free Spectator Tickets.  

Photo Booth Sponsorship - $2,000

This is an exclusive Maintenance Mania Sponsorship and only one is available. The Photobooth Sponsor will have their company LOGO on all photos that are printed during the event. The sponsor can provide props for the photobooth that complement the Maintenance Mania theme. 

Race Car Sponsorship - $1,000

This is an exclusive sponsorship to be part of the derby car races at Maintenance Mania. Only one is available. This sponsorship includes two FREE lunch tickets and the ability to eat with the competitors. Two judge shirts will be provided, and two company representatives may be present at the game location to help score the game. 

Specialty Drink Sponsor - $1,000-SOLD, NONE AVAILABLE

There is only one Maintenance Mania Specialty Drink and one sponsorship available. You will work with the PAA team to design and name the specialty drink for the event. Your company LOGO will be displayed at the bar as the specialty drink for the event. Two Free Spectator Tickets.  

Beer Sponsor - $1,000

One beer sponsorship is available for Maintenance Mania. You name will be listed as the beer sponsor at the bar area. Two Free Spectator Tickets.  

Wine Sponsor - $1,000

One wine sponsorship is available for Maintenance Mania. You name will be listed as the wine sponsor at the bar area. Two Free Spectator Tickets. 

Lunch Sponsor - $750

There are ten (10) sponsorships available as a Lunch Sponsor at the Maintenance Mania Event. Signage with Company Names at the lunch stations and on all of the lunch tables. Two Free Lunch Tickets to the event and the ability to eat lunch with the competitors.  

Multifamily Trivia Sponsor - $600

This is an exclusive sponsorship for Maintenance Mania and only one is available. As a Trivia Sponsor, you will work with a PAA Team Member to pose multifamily trivia questions to the group during the competition. You will announce the question and answer and distribute gift cards to winner. PAA will purchase the gift cards to award as prizes for the event. 

Judge Sponsorship - $500-6 SOLD, 6 AVAILABLE

There are 6 games scheduled for the Maintenance Mania Competition. Judges are needed at each game station. Each Maintenance Mania Game will need two people for judging purposes. The company game sponsors can have a maximum of two company representatives per game. Each company sponsor will receive two FREE lunch tickets and the ability to eat lunch with the competitors. The Game judges will be responsible to judge the individual sponsored game and the People's Choice Award.  

Appetizer /Event Snack Sponsor - $500-1 SOLD, 1 AVAILABLE

There are two sponsorships available for the Spectator Afternoon Snack at the Maintenance Mania Event. Signage with Company Names at the Snack Station. Two Free Spectator Tickets to the event.

* On site cash bar accepts contactless payment methods only.   

Registration for all sponsorships ends 3/8/22 at 12:00 AM EST 

Please remember to login to the to register as an attendee or sponsor. If you need your login credentials, please email us a