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Maintenance Mavericks-Fostering Empowerment and Customer Service-PAAWW# 15

Maintenance Mavericks-Fostering Empowerment and Customer Service-PAAWW# 15

PAA Webinar Wednesdays-supported by Multifamily Insiders

Wednesday, July 10, 2024
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EDT)

Event Details

Unleash your maintenance mavericks with strategies that prioritize empowerment and customer service excellence. Learn how these key elements positively impact your bottom line, leading to happier maintenance employees that will lead to happier residents and increased success.

  • Understanding the Importance of Empowering Maintenance Professionals:
    By the end of this session, participants will comprehend the significance of empowering maintenance professionals to stand out and express themselves positively. They will recognize the impact of employee empowerment on enhancing customer service and fostering a customer-centric approach within the rental property management industry.
  • Strategies for Prioritizing Residents First:
    Participants will gain practical insights and strategies for prioritizing residents first in their service delivery. They will learn how to use their interactions and service offerings to create memorable experiences for residents, leading to increased satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Linking Resident-First Empowerment to Positive Bottom-line Impact:
    Property Management professionals will be able to recognize the direct correlation between fan-first empowerment, exceptional customer service, and its positive impact on the bottom line. Participants will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to evaluate the financial benefits of investing in employee empowerment and customer-centric practices.

Smart Chick Megan is a member of a solutions driven firm Smart Apartment Solutions. As a national speaker, Megan is frequently requested for the solutions based approach to everything Multifamily. Built on the foundation of “in the trenches” experiences that hundreds have related to, Smart’s approach makes sessions fun and relatable. Megan has presented for NAA, Multi-Family Brainstorming, and IREM Conferences and along with her team, has authored articles for JPM and UNITS magazine.

Shatoria Daniels has been apart of the Multifamily industry for the past 18 years. Her career started as a leasing professional in Fayetteville NC and her love for the industry blossomed. She worked her way up from leasing professional to now District Manager with Block Multifamily. She has obtained the designations CAM, ARM, CAPS and Leadership Lyceum. She also gives back to the industry by being active with the Arkadelphia Apartment Association for the past 15 years and has been apart of NAA committees for the past 7 years.

Angel Davila began working as a porter 10+ years ago after returning from deployment in the USMC & is now the National Maintenance Trainer at Monarch Investment & Management Group; a Colorado based company that operates in 20 states. Mr. Davila is a former AAA Board of Directors/AAA Education Foundation board member, was awarded as the 2018 Texas Apartment Association Maintenance Professional of the year and is an; NAAEI Advance Instructor Graduate, AAA Lyceum Graduate, NAAEI Leadership Experience Graduate, CAMT, CAPS, NAAEI Faculty, CPO, NAAEI William Wollinger Scholarship recipient, AAA Solt Scholarship recipient, and TAA Next Gen Scholarship recipient. Davila also instructs seminars for the following organizations: Goodwill Career & Technical Academy, Austin Community College, Austin Apartment Association, Texas Apartment Association, Refrigeration Services Engineering Society, Esco Institute & the North American Technician Excellence.


PAA Webinar Wednesdays-supported by Multifamily Insiders-is the largest weekly premium webinar series in the multifamily industry, helping you gain the skills to improve your performance and advance in your career! Through this program, you get access to innovative ideas, best practices, and emerging trends from a variety of topics, including customer service, leasing and marketing, resident retention, career advancement, leadership techniques, and other property management skills to become a superstar at your company and/or in your profession!

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