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Workshop: Mastering Stay Interviews for Greater Employee Retention-PAAWW#25

Workshop: Mastering Stay Interviews for Greater Employee Retention-PAAWW#25

PAA Webinar Wednesdays-supported by Multifamily Insiders

Wednesday, November 13, 2024
2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EST)

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In this workshop, we will equip supervisors at all levels with a powerful tool to tackle the high turnover rates plaguing the rental housing industry: stay interviews. Imagine the impact on your team's efficiency and productivity if you could retain your valued team members instead of constantly recruiting, hiring, and training new ones. Stay interviews are like reverse performance reviews conducted with existing employees, designed to uncover what will influence them to stay with your organization. By incorporating stay interviews into your regular one-on-one conversations, you can build trust with your team members, let them know their value, and discover what actions the organization can take to keep them engaged and motivated. Join us to learn the art of conducting effective stay interviews and create a more stable and thriving team environment.

  • Benefits of Stay Interviews
    Understand the significant benefits of stay interviews and how they differ from traditional job interviews, performance reviews, and exit interviews.
  • Practical Techniques
    Demonstrate practical techniques and strategies to conduct effective stay interviews with their team members.
  • What to Ask
    Become well versed in a series of stay interview questions to be able to practice some of the techniques presented.

Jen Piccotti loves discovering the story that data tells. As the Chief Learning Officer of Swift Bunny, she loves sharing her unique and actionable insights on the latest trends in employee engagement, customer satisfaction, organizational communication, process improvement, and reputation management. Join Jen as she serves up the latest “What” with a delicious side of “Why” and “How.”


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