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Best of Apartment Living Awards - Call to Entry

Best of Apartment Living Awards - Call to Entry

Tuesday, March 22, 2022 to Saturday, April 30, 2022

* Registration open until 4/30/22 at 12:00 AM ()

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The Best of Apartment Living 


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What is the Best of Apartment Living?  It's a friendly competition among apartment communities to see who is the best! You may enter your community in one, two, or all three judging categories listed below. If you choose to enter your property in all three categories, your property will have another opportunity to be one of the top 10 winners and win an additional award! The judging competition begins MAY 9th and will run through JULY 31ST. An independent company will judge your property. All judging is anonymous with the exception of the Maintenance Category - this will be a scheduled tour appointment.  

NEW this year - we will be asking for a video submission in addition to filling out an online form for the individual Property and Service Manager of the Year categories.


  • Please make sure you know the year your property was built before you begin your registration.  The competition is based upon the year your property was built and how many apartment units are in your community.
  • You will need your login credentials when registering.  Please enter your company name at the beginning of your registration, you will be asked later in the registration a series of questions about your community and the property information.
  • We have several individual categories such as Property and Maintenance Service Manager of the year as well as Rookie of the Year.  Registration is not complete for these categories until an online form is filled out for these specific categories.  The form should be filled out by the person nominating the individual for these categories. Individuals must submit a video.  In the video, there will be requirements for the individuals to answer. 
  • To enter your community for the GREEN Award, you must also fill out the online form.
  • For Property & Service Manager of the Year, Rookie, and Green categories require additional forms to be completed. In the case of Service Manager and Property Manager, a video recording will also be included in the judging.  All online forms must be completed in one session. You may not stop or go back into the form and pick up where you left off.
  • Please register as your management company and then add the name of your property and property information during the registration. Register for one apartment community at a time and select from any of the below categories!

Best of Luck!

For More Information:

Beth Weachter
Beth Weachter
Pennsylvania Apartment Association (717)546-3396


Community Award Categories:

Leasing, Marketing and Web Engagement Excellence-$300

Your community will be judged specifically on how well the property leases apartments. Judging includes reviewing the property’s website, response to leasing questions via the internet, telephone skills, and an in-person tour. The judge will review every aspect of the leasing process. This is a ‘mystery shop’. Evaluations for this category will take place between May 9th through July 31st. The top three highest scores based upon apartment units and property age wins!

Maintenance Excellence-$150

This category is specific to the apartment community’s overall level of care. Judging includes a scheduled tour of the apartment community, a vacant-ready apartment, care of the amenities, common area, and maintenance programs. Judges will call the community to schedule a tour. The tours will be scheduled from May 9th – July 31st. Top three highest scores based upon apartment units and age of property wins!

Overall Excellence-$100

The community will be judged on the community’s overall appearance and amenities. This is a ‘mystery shop’ with evaluations taking place between Memorial Day through August 14th. The top three highest scores based upon the apartment units and age of the property wins!


Individual Award Categories:

Property Manager of the Year-$75

To enter in this category, the Property Manager’s community MUST be entered in Leasing, Maintenance, and Overall categories. The property manager must submit a video and answer specific questions. There will be a Regional Property Manager winner for the Central, East, and West parts of the state. The highest scoring individual wins Property Manager of the Year.

Lead Service Technician of the Year-$75

To enter into this category, the Lead Service Technician community MUST be entered in both Maintenance and Community Overall Excellence categories. The Lead Service judging is based upon the property’s overall service, production schedule, service request completions, expenses, and preventative maintenance programs. The Lead Service Technician must submit a video. There will be a Lead Service Technician winner for each region and an overall winner for the state.

Rookie of the Year-$75

This award is given to a NEW employee at the apartment community who has been there for 3 – 9 months and is new to the industry! The rookie should be nominated by their immediate supervisor (Property or Lead Service Technician). The nominating party will need to complete the registration for the rookie nominee and submit a video as to why this person deserves to be Rookie of the Year. One winner per region in the state.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award-$75

NEW this year! The DEI Award will measure your involvement as a leader promoting and educating your teams about diversity, equity and inclusion.  

Green Initiative Award-$75

This category is based upon an apartment community’s green initiatives. The Green Award is presented to one community in a region and considers all forms of sustainability occurring at the apartment community. This includes but is not limited to electrical, gas, water, and power for the community.

Property Management Company of the Year-$75

To be considered for this award, the management company must enter in this category and in the Leasing, Marketing and Website Engagement, Maintenance Excellence and Over Excellence. ONE entry per management company. The Management Company who has the highest average score wins Management Company of the Year across the state.

***All apartment communities who enter all three categories; Leasing/Marketing, Service Tec’s, and Overall will automatically be entered to compete for Top 10 Best of Living!  The 10 communities with the highest average scores will be announced.