Continuing Education in 2024!

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We know how important continuing to sharpen the mental skills are to professionals in this industry, that's why we invite you to take a look at what PAA education can do to help you and your teams in 2024! Credential programs build proficiency and support professionalism in specific areas of apartment housing management and the PAA is proud to present these classes in 2024. Each course undergoes annual review so the material remains accurate and timely. Credentials are earned after completion of coursework and experience requirements are met. ‚Äč

The following credentials are offered:

Certified Apartment Leasing Professional (CALP) (Formerly NALP) - March, June, Sept., Nov. 2024

Certified Apartment Manager (CAM) - Feb., April, Oct. 2024

Certificate for Apartment Maintenance Technicians (CAMT) - March, May, Sept., Nov. 2024

Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor (CAPS) - June 2024

Certified Apartment Supplier (CAS) - Feb., April, Oct. 2024

Independent Rental Owner Professional (IROP) - (online only)

Pricing varies by class. For more information, contact Roger Dickson at