Meet Nationwide Energy Partners - 2024 PAA Platinum Sponsor

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A multifamily property’s profitability and value are typically measured through the lens of Net Operating Income (NOI). According to a Yardi Matrix Special Report, the cost of owning a multifamily property rose by 7.1% on a year-over-year basis as of January 2024. Maintaining a solid NOI is ever more difficult in the face of this unrelenting rise in operating expenses. 


To improve their properties’ values, multifamily owners and operators have implemented a variety of cost-cutting strategies and incented revenue growth largely through rent and/or fee increases. Costs can only be cut so far, however, and unrelenting increases in rent and other fees can ultimately decrease occupancy rates. 


So, where do multifamily owners go from here?


One path may be forged by leveraging a typically untapped asset in the community - the utility infrastructure. This often-overlooked asset can be transformed into an income generator for Philadelphia-area properties through utility infrastructure privatization. 


Experts in utility privatization, Nationwide Energy Partners (NEP) has teamed up with multifamily property owners, developers, and operators for 25 years to help them realize the many benefits of this process. Put NEP’s expertise in your corner. Learn more by downloading our free informational booklet today.

Nationwide Energy Partners (NEP) is an energy services company exclusively serving multifamily communities through privatized utility ownership and clean energy technologies.