2023 Regional Advisory Councils, PSC, and Committee Assignments

Posted By: Amy Pontius 90 Second Update , Community, Industry, PAA Events,

The moment we have all been waiting for here is finally here!  The PAA is happy to announce our 2023 PAA Regional Advisory Councils, PSC and Committee Volunteers Lists!  Click on the link below to see what council and/or committee you will be serving on next year.  The PAA Laison will be in touch with you shortly to deliver a welcome message and additional details about being a 2023 Volunteer!  Thank you to all of our members who applied and will be serving as a volunteer!  We look forward to working with you!

2023 PAA Council Liasons:

Western Regional Advisory Council-Amy Pontius

Central Regional Advisory Council-Roger Dickson

Eastern Regional Advisory Council-Carol Christner

Rennsylvania Supplier Council-Amy Pontius and Beth Weachter

2023 PAA Committee Liasons:

DEI Committee-Carol Christner and Christopher Kent

Helping Hands Committee-Ashley Porrini

Education Committee-Roger Dickson

Legislative Committee-Andre Del Valle

Membership Committee-Amy Pontius and Beth Weachter

Event Committee-Amy Pontius, Beth Weachter and Cierra Lewis

See the List of 2023 Council and Committee Assignments