Stop the Phila. Automatic Sprinkler Bill 220299

Posted By: Andre Del Valle 90 Second Update , Industry,

Stop Bill No. 220299, which mandates the retrofit installation of automatic sprinkler systems in all existing high-rise apartment buildings and condominiums. Time is of the essence to organize and fight this legislation.


What is Bill 220299?

Bill 220299, introduced by Philadelphia Council Members Mark Squilla and Katherine Gilmore Richardson, would require the retrofit installation of automatic sprinkler systems throughout high-rise buildings (75+ feet), primarily impacting condominium residents and apartment buildings across the City of Philadelphia.


Why should it be stopped?

  • Installing new systems will cost renters and owners between $20,000 to $50,000 per unit, not including the cost to relocate residents, unforeseen logistical issues, and supply chain challenges.
  • From our initial research, there has been no increase in fires in apartment and condominium buildings targeted by the bill. As such, this extremely costly mandate is unwarranted.
  • Beyond the impact on both market-rate rental housing and individually owned condominiums, this bill could devastate affordable housing in the city due to the astronomical cost of compliance.
  • If passed in Philadelphia, this would have ripple effects throughout Pennsylvania and across the country.


What can you do to help?

  • The cost of complying with this new mandate will have to be passed onto renters through increased rents and will be directly imposed on condominium owners through significant special assessments. Educate residents of Philadelphia now on how this bill could impact them.
  • Spread the word to your network of apartment and condo owners in Philadelphia: Stop Bill No. 220299.
  • Email or call City Council Members directly to urge them NOT to pass this bill.
  • Sign Community Associations Institute’s letter of opposition which will be emailed directly to Councilmembers here: Philadelphia Residents: Sign the Letter to City Council Opposing Sprinkler Retrofit Bill.
  • Contact us at (610) 664-1800 or to find out how you can join PAA’s coalitions and committees to fight this bill